I believe that we have the
power to change our lives.

I believe that our lives can feel and be how we want them to.

I wandered around for years trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, looking outside of me for the answers.

I wasted a lot of time and energy looking to someone else to give me the answers only my soul could show me.

Go to college, get your degree, get a good job.

And after a few years of playing the game, I found myself living my life inside a big box.

And while I could grow, there were still limits being placed on me.

In that model, the only way to continue was to get promoted...and move to a different usually better paying box.


I ditched the corporate world for small business, ditched the rigid box for what turned out to be a bigger more flexible box.

It was great to create, to be heard, but, once again I was helping someone else build their dream.

All the while I’m trying out these roles, personas, following the formula, and that pull, that call that I’ve heard for what felt like forever…kept pulling, kept calling, kept nudging me.

Until I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

And you can’t ignore it any longer either.

I took the necessary steps.

I pulled up my anchors and set sail in the direction of my dreams

It’s time to step in to your power and own your truth.

You're ready.  Are you coming?