Are you tired of setting goals and not achieving them?

Frustrated because you have this vision, you get started, take action, lose your mojo and then can’t get yourself kick started again?

Thought you could do it on your own aka: pure grit and hustle?

Are you ready to finally grow you and your business into the rock stars you both are?

Girrrrl! I hear you. 

I know you have dreams.
To live a life that lights you up, to grow your business, spend more time with your family, take incredible vacations and yes, to make more money. 

And you deserve to create a life that absolutely lights you up, one that every time you think about it has you excited and laughing and thinking "how lucky am I!"
Are you ready for this life? To step in and create and live this incredible life?
Or does it have you wondering how you will ever achieve your dreams, or even where to start?

If so, you are in the right place.

And this is where I come in. What I know for sure…

Your best life is created from your heart and your soul.
You are beyond capable of creating and living a life you truly love.
You are beyond capable of growing your business so that it supports you and your family in ways you only dream about.
You can have it all.


 Your vision, your action and your follow through will deliver that dream life to you.

If you struggled to stay consistent its not your fault.  Going at it alone makes it hard to stick with it

Women who know that living from their hearts and souls is not only the way to grow their business, but to change the world too.

Women who are changing the world from the inside out.

I started my businesses for many of the same reasons you did, help others, make an impact, be with my family and to have total control over my schedule and income.

And like you, I’ve never looked back.
Now I want to help you do the same.

follow your vision,
realize your dreams
group program

Where business meets spirituality
and passion meets accountability

This program is for you if you want to:

• Continue the momentum you kick-started at the beginning of the year and take steps every day to achieve the results you want to achieve.

• Stay connected to your soul while growing your rock star business

• Follow your passion and make money doing it

• Combine all of the above with good old-fashioned rubber meets the road, get it done tools.

Here's what you'll get: 

6 months of intimate small group support via a private FB group and What’s App

6 modules of rocking business tools each designed to further you on the path to achieving your dreams

12 calls (2 per month) to help you stay on track and to connect with others in the group on a similar path

Option to add additional support via 1:1 calls at special FYV, RYD pricing.

$49.00 per month or $197.00 per month VIP includes a 1:1 call with Julia



Julia I don’t know…

I want you to ask yourself where do you want to be in in 6 months?

And… will what you are doing today get you there?

So, I ask you where will you be in 6 months?

Will you be wondering where all the time went and why didn’t achieve the sales you wanted?

Or will you be super excited because you’ve taken action on the daily and are seeing the results of those actions. Both in the number of sales, increased # of clients and your bottom line.



Module 1 – Your Dreams Matter, Let’s Get Clear – About your big vision and your life
• The workbook that helps you get super crystal clear on what you desire in the 9
main areas of your life and specifically what you desire to achieve over the next 6
• Your Why – why is all of the above important? What is the overall compelling
reason you must achieve the results you desire? It all comes down to have a
rock solid why.
• And lastly – why you don’t already have these in your life now?

Module 2 – Loving the process
Yes, you want the results – however our lives are lived, and our results are achieved between the beginning letter of a sentence and the period. In other words, the process. We’re going to look your specific process and create one that you love (pretty much) every day!

Module 3 – It’s Your Day, Own It! 
or The Practices I call them - morning noon and evening that are going to keep you on track and accountable to you, your vision and your dreams. Super Successful People the world over have rituals and habits that set them up for success on the daily. We’re going to create yours.

Module 4 – Sales, Sales Sales – and Marketing too!
Ways to make letting people know you can help fun – as well as creating your daily sales and marketing non-negotiables.

Module 5 – Managing Your Mind
aka: overcoming resistance – the nuts and bolts of how to manage your brain and get it (and your energy) working for you!

Module 6 – Overcoming Obstacles and Urges
It happens, things come up, bumps in the proverbial road, the urge to quit, over eat, over drink, buffer if you will. The urge to not take the steps we know to take to achieve the results we desire. How to overcome and move through all covered here.

You know you have dreams, and you know you want to make them come true.
You get to choose how to make those dreams come true and I’d like to help.

We get started February 25th!